Handcrafted Home Decor!

My background is in the Gift and Home Décor Industry, first as a retailer,
then as an Account Executive with high profile lines (including the
creator of a wildly popular plush craze) and for multiple inspirational
gift and decorative accessory makers. These companies licensed the work
of local artists and took them to national brand status, producing
everything from mugs to rugs. I’m proud of the work I accomplished in
those years and the positive, life-long relationships that I formed.
It’s been exciting to help take products to market and assist other
retail shops set merchandising plans as a visual staging expert. 

is my passion and I’ve truly seen it from all angles. This valuable
experience has provided me with a unique perspective on owning a
creative business and effectively marketing my own work. I knew that I’d
eventually return to being a retailer myself and so here we are in my
hometown. What I’m most grateful for is to be able to come to work each
day in historic Irwin, bringing seasonal home décor, accessories and
gifts to my family, friends and neighbors, who have supported me on this
journey. I’m excited to be a part of this community and strive to make
your visit to our studio a peaceful and enjoyable experience. Please
come in and be inspired!

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